To Found a Group

Have you been thinking about organising something at the UHasselt? It has never been easier before. Founding a group is quickly done. Follow the steps below:

Step 0: The Idea

Choose an idea for a group. Here are some examples: a soccer team, a dance crew, a mountainbike group, a theatre group, a book club, a tutoring group, an architect office, a student magazine, a fugitive aid team, ...

Don’t have an idea, check out our Facebook page or Get in Touch page.

Step 1: Be Unique

Make sure that your group is unique. Check here to find a list of all the groups that already exist.

Step 2: The Board

Look for other students who are interested to found this group. We can also help you with this: send us a message via our Facebook page or mail us at You need to be with at least 3 UHasselt students to start up your group.

Step 3: Define Goals

Write down the goals of your group. This text of approximately 120 words must make it clear what you intend to do..

Step 4: Conditions

Make sure that you fulfil all the conditions to be recognized as a group. You can find these conditions in this document, section 3.

Step 5: Acknowledgement

If you meet all the requirements, the only step is to become acknowledged. You can do that by sending the following documents to the student council:

  1. Information sheet (in Dutch and English)
  2. List with board members
You can find these documents at the end of this document or the editable version here. Fill in these documents and send them to

Step 6: All done!

Now the only thing you have to do is wait for the decision of the student council and they will arrange the rest. Afterwards, you can benefit of all the advantages: Classroom reservation, Storage space, Funding, Advertisements on the TV screens, Support from StuRa, Support in communications, etc.

  • Step 0: The Idea
  • Step 1: Be Unique
  • Step 2: The Board
  • Step 3: Define Goals
  • Step 4: Conditions
  • Step 5: Acknowledgement
  • Step 6: All done!